Bobs Feature List

Our vans come kitted out with a Smev gas grill and twin burner, Smev electric sink, pumped from an on-board fresh water container. A 42 litre fridge, a raising roof & bed, SPACE M1 tested Smart Bed Evolution Rock & Roll double bed, a 240 volt hook up. A power management system & full range of kitchen utensils. Our optional extras include Drive-away air awnings, which fit to the side of the van and have the option of an inner tent, if you plan to sleep in it. The inner tent is big enough for two people. We also have picnic table and chairs for sitting outside, DVD player & bike carriers.

Smev Gas Grill and Twin Burner

The Smev gas grill and twin burner is one of the most popular and easy to use camper cooking solutions, fed from an on board gas canister which is sealed in a certified safety box. It will give weeks of cooking options for the trip, the other option is to dine al fresco with the ultra-portable Cadac Carry Chef, which can be hired for a small fee.

Reimo Roof Bed

One of the safest and simplest to use roof beds on the market, the Reimo was chosen for the conversion, simply because we found it to be the easiest to use, and it comes with an excellent safety rating, making it one of the safest available. Once lifted, the roof bed gives staggeringly impressive extra headroom, even for the tallest of people, enabling you to stand up comfortably in the van. By night, it’s a simple case of lowering the bed section, by pulling on the Hydraulic rams, exposing the roof bed mattress, which will comfortably accommodate 2 adults if required, but is ideally more suitable for the youngsters.

Smartbed Evolution R Rock and roll bed on rails

The Smartbed evolution is one of the most amazing pieces of engineering we have seen, the Certified Crash tested M1 rock and roll bed, has 2 x MOT approved seat belts, enabling the van to comfortably carry 5 people, with the added benefit of being able to slide forward and backwards in the living space. We decided to go for the rails option (at some great expense) as it means when travelling with youngsters, you can pull the bed forward, so the kids aren’t too far back in the van, thus also creating a larger boot capacity to get the all-important kids bikes and scooters on board until you arrive on site.

Erbspacher Heating system

We decided to kit the van out with a top of the range, diesel fired Erspacher heat system to enable all year round travelling, and to take the chill off on those cold Summer nights. We found when we were researching the night heater, a lot of people have a misconception that these may be unsafe due to fumes, this is simply not the case with this system, the system runs off the diesel tank, so there are no gas bottles to be checked. It also has a separate exhaust to the side of the van, meaning there is zero chance of any exhaust emissions entering the living space. We carry out a 6 monthly safety check on the van, which is also fitted with a carbon monoxide detector for added peace of mind. The system can be set to a temperature and acts like the heating at home, keeping everyone nice and cosy throughout the day or night.

240v and 12v power system

The van has the option to run from the on board leisure battery, which will power all systems adequately for up to a week if you fancied a little off grid living. The leisure batteries charge from either the engine running, or being hooked up (plugged in) on site to a mains 240v feed. The fridge, lighting etc will all run off the 12v system without the need to be hooked up, and rest assured, there is a separate battery for starting the engine, so you’ll never run flat and get stranded in the deepest darkest wilderness. As well as the 12v system, when hooked up the van has plug sockets to allow for all the mod cons of modern living, as if you were in your front room at home. The van also has handy 12v USB sockets dotted around, ideal for iPad charging if a break from the rug rats is ever required

Multimedia DVD / Sat Nav

We have upgraded the Multimedia player in the dashboard into a turn by turn satnav, We also have the option to hire (at a small cost) a Freeview TV, including an aerial to get TV like you would in the comfort of your own home.


The van is fitted with Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling you to connect with your mobile phones, tablets and computers. The Wi-Fi is powered by mobile telephone signal, so will work in most of the Country, but will be subject to drop out in areas with a poor signal.

Water tank

The van is fitted with a 70 litre, on board water tank, which will be replenished for when you collect, and is re fillable on the rear of the van. This enables water on demand for any washing up etc (nb we do not recommend you drink the water from the without boiling first).

Thermal blackout blinds

Instead of standard curtains, we decided to go modern and fitted the van with thermal blackout lift blinds, meaning come bedtime it’s as simple as pulling down a blind to create a near blackout environment, making it as cosy as possible. This coupled with the external windscreen thermal cover, makes it an ideal sleeping environment, and also helps to retain the lovely warm heat from the heater inside the van.